Sybase Eyes New Market for Mobile Integration

Sybase this morning unveiled two new products as part of its efforts to make mobile application
development and integration easier.

Sybase Unwired Accelerator “mobilizes” Web applications, enabling enterprises to take their Web-enabled
applications, services and other data sources and mobilize them without additional programming. Sybase claims
that the offering will support “virtually any device,” including Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry, smartphones and

The product promises “write once and deploy to multiple mobile device formats,”
as opposed to having multiple versions for multiple device types.
The offering includes a mobile portal server and a “point and click” mobile Web studio.

According to Sean McCleary, Unwired Accelerator product manager, the technology that is being used to
link and connect to applications is a tested, tried and true technology.

“This technology that we’re using has already existed in our enterprise portal product, which we’ve had for five years,”
he told “We’ve been using the same technology in another product to
get at these back end sources.”

Sybase Unwired Orchestrator gives mobility users integrated access to back-end applications.
It enables the mobile enterprise by linking and providing real-time integration
with enterprise applications through services-oriented integration and automated business process,
as well as B2B, ERP and CRM adapters.

Among the key benefits that Sybase touts for its Orchestrator is that it will help enterprises
bridge the gap between legacy infrastructures and Web services, as well as accelerate the transition to services-oriented
architecture .

Both solutions are part of Sybase’s overall unwired enterprise strategy.

“What we’re trying to accomplish here is that for our unwired enterprise strategy managing the exponential
data growth and making them accessible at the edge,” Kathleen Schaub, Sybase vice president of marketing, said.
“Both of these products are meant to provide that linking capability.”

Schaub said there is a need in the marketplace for these types of solutions that allow for location
independent access to deep business processes.

“We do believe that this is going to be a very large market,” Schaub said. “It has not been sized by any analyst
firm but we expect it to be a couple billion dollars overall — not just Sybase but other players that will come in
over the next few years — and we expect it to grow at a range of 15 to 20 percent.”

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