Tenmax.com Launches Web Site, Intranet Solution

Tenmax.com Wednesday released WebDisc,
the first platform independent solution for creating mirror images of Web
sites and intranets on Web-enabled CD-ROMS.

The highlight of this device is that WebDisc alleviates performance
problems caused when the processor power required to serve database-driven
and e-commerce sites is much greater than ordinary sites.

It lets clients browse product information on high-speed CDs. Then, users
connect to an e-commerce server to conduct purchases. Because
WebDiscs are self-contained duplicates of Web sites, they are safe from
hardware failures, software bugs, hackers and viruses and the multitude of
problems that plague network systems.

Bypassing Net bottlenecks, reducing server loads and enabling high-speed
delivery of Web-based content to targeted audiences, round out the host of
WebDisc’s benefits. Also, mobile workers lacking quality Net access may
view corporate intranet material on WebDiscs without establishing a
connection or burdening the intranet server.

“WebDiscs give viewers instant, frustration-free access to Web site
content, and at the same time relieve the server from the burden of
delivering that content,” said Tenmax president Michael Del Monte.

Tenmax.com is a developer of webspider technology for gathering and copying
data from the Net.

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