Verity Climbs Intranets With New K2 Searching Software

E-business software company, Verity (Nasdaq: VRTY) Monday launched K2 Enterprise, a new search engine for corporate intranets and portals so that employees don’t spend their time searching internal information all day.

The new engine has a three-tier foundation that focuses on what the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company calls “Social Networks.” This is a personalization function that connects employees to relevant internal experts, and recommends documents based on things like a users’ behavior, search criteria, or on other users’ past inquiries.

For example, an engineer searching for a product’s technical specifications may also locate the product’s developers and find relevant documents judged as important by others in the enterprise.

“The typical search software deployed to support business portals has so far been a big disappointment,” says Hadley Reynolds, Director of Research at Delphi Group. “Professionals who are making the transition to portal desktops need broader, more flexible, and more intelligent performance from the knowledge side of their portal infrastructure. With this release, Verity is introducing a host of new technology to address this portal shortfall.”

Deloitte Consulting, a Verity partner since 1988, says it will be the first company to install Verity K2 Enterprise into its worldwide corporate portal.

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