Verizon Buys Broadband Test Software

Mindful of competition for broadband customers, Verizon Communications has invested in its DSL network.

Specifically, the carrier has purchased new test software from Spirent Communications to verify the performance, reliability and scalability of access routers.

The offering will help Verizon decide how many new devices to deploy, by confirming, in advance, how many subscribers each device can realistically accommodate. Financial terms were not disclosed.

For Verizon, the move will “accelerate the deployment of high-performance services for its customers,” said Bahaa Moukadam, vice president of product marketing for Rockville, Md-based Spirent.

Over the past year, network equipment makers have developed access routers that support as many as 200,000 or more subscribers (PPP sessions) per device. Previously, no testing products adequately addressed such high session capacity, Spirent said.

Spirent’s AX/4000 supports 32,000 sessions per port, or 256,000 subscribers per chassis. Furthermore, software supports a session setup rate as high as 400 subscribers per second per port or 3,200 sessions per second per chassis, which reduces test set-up time.

In other news, Spirent today announced a new version of software that helps network equipment manufacturers, service providers and enterprises test and validate their web infrastructure, including streaming media applications under high-volume multi-protocol traffic loads.

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