Websense Upgrades Web Management Tool

Aimed at helping businesses maximize the Internet, Websense Inc. Wednesday launched
Websense Enterprise 4.0, the latest version of its Net management utility.

The new product — now available for download here — is a server-based
software application that gives corporations the ability to completely and
easily manage their employees’
use of the Internet in the workplace.

Currently available on Microsoft (MSFT)
Proxy Server (MSP), Websense Enterprise 4.0 offers a host of new and
improved features, including:

  • advanced users and groups — businesses can set Internet use
    policies according to NT domain names, workstations and/or
    network subnets. In addition, policies can be set according to IP
    address or a range of IP addresses. This means IT managers can
    set different policies for different job functions (i.e.,
    management vs. shipping department)

  • expanded database — the Websense URL database has been expanded
    from 30 to 53 categories, ranging from “stock trading” to “MP3s”
    to “special events.” In addition, changing categories or setting
    new policies can now be performed dynamically

  • improved scalability and performance — 4.0 can run in a variety
    of configurations, as well as on the same machine as MSP. With
    the ability to handle 500 requests per second, IT managers can
    even “point” up to 10 proxy servers to one Websense Enterprise
    4.0 box, without any performance degradation

  • keyword screening — an optional function that allows businesses
    to restrict the ability of users to conduct searches on search
    engines by certain keywords

  • flexible filtering options — unlike most Internet management
    software — which can only block and unblock content — Websense
    Enterprise 4.0 also allows companies to postpone Web surfing by
    time of day and/or defer non-work related surfing to

  • AfterWork.com — for use by Websense Enterprise 4.0 customers,
    AfterWork.com is an employer-sponsored, after-hours gateway where
    employees can surf freely, post their favorite links and — soon
    — find coupons, benefits and other incentives

“After five years and millions of users, our company is sharing its
knowledge about managing a company’s
most important asset — its employees,” said John B. Carrington, Websense
chairman and chief executive
officer. “Websense 4.0 allows businesses to
determine exactly how the Internet
is to be used at work, according to their particular corporate culture.”

Websense Enterprise, the company’s server-based software application,
filters time-wasting
Web sites, while maximizing access to work-related information on the Web.

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