Wind River Gets a Hug from Intel

Wind River got a
boost Thursday when Intel chose its Tornado for Intelligent Network Acceleration (TINA)
software into the Intel PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapter.

The announcement marks a warm embrace from the giant chipmaker for one of
the Alameda, Calif. embedded systems specialist’s key products: iSCSI
protocol-based TINA is used to provide network equipment manufacturers with
hardware and software components needed to develop IP-based storage
networking devices.

iSCSI facilitates data transfers over intranets and to manage
storage over long distances. The iSCSI protocol is among the key
technologies expected to help bring about rapid development of the storage
area network (SAN) market, by increasing the capabilities and performance of
storage data transmission.

Simply, Wind River and Intel believe the deal will save customers money. The
fact that TINA is
bundled with the iSCSI protocol enables TCP/IP and Ethernet to be used for
storage networking, making it possible for users to steer clear of more
costly storage infrastructure and support staff.

Also, because TINA can be transmitted over TCP/IP networks, it is possible
to remove the distance restrictions associated with traditional storage area
networks. IT workers can better back up data in different locations with
this capability.

Just how important are iSCSI host bus adapters for the market? Research firm
Gartner expects the sector to grow from a 2003 market value of $130 million
to $605 million in 2005. Moreover, Gartner predicts the iSCSI-based storage
networking market will increase from a 2003 market value of $252 million to
$1 billion in 2005.

Tim Dunn, general manager for the Intel LAN Access Division, said: “The
flexibility of the Intel PRO/1000 T IP Storage Adapter allows companies to
build cost-effective iSCSI storage-area networks over existing Ethernet

Wind River is also making software for 802.11 wireless networks. The outfit
Monday unveiled WindNet 802.1X network access control products for the
Tornado for Home Gateways broadband access platform. 802.1x has been praised
by industry watchers because it enhances security for access points and
wireless LAN installations.

“With Wind River providing an 802.1X solution to networking equipment OEMs,
these standards can be quickly deployed to improve the state of wireless LAN
security and interoperability,” said Karen O’Donoghue, team leader of the
InteropNet Labs Wireless LAN Security Initiative at N+I.

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