Yale Selects TimeVision for Intranet-Based Charting

Yale University Thursday selected TimeVision Inc. OrgPublisher for
Intranets to chart their employees using corporate intranets.

Yale University uses OrgPublisher for Intranets to track its facilities
employees — workers in the engineering, finance, administration and
information systems departments.

Yale Network Administrator Mike Fanara chose OrgPublisher for Intranets because
of its ease of use, he said.

“People outside the facilities office may not understand the way our
department is organized, so we’re providing a Web-based tool that
graphically illustrates this information for them,” Fanara said.

“And instead of each department doing its own organizational chart by
passing around a piece of paper, we thought the smarter way to go is an
accurate and interactive organization chart on the university intranet.”

Yale is one of many educational institutions turning to technology firms for
intranets, which are more and more becoming integral cogs for communication
within office environments.

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