YouSendIt Suite Targets Business

YouSendIt has formally launched its YouSendIt Corporate Suite for letting multiple users send and receive large files using one corporate account. While the original YouSendIt service is designed for individuals, Corporate Suite is less expensive for groups and offers more management and reporting capabilities.

Specifically, five individual Business Plus YouSendIt accounts cost $150, while the Corporate Suite is a “five-pack” for $99 with more storage and reports for administrators. Companies can also establish a branded “dropbox” to receive multiple files up to 2GB each from clients, colleagues, and friends. The service is designed to outsource or reduce the cost and overhead of maintaining FTP  servers for file transfers.

In addition, Corporate Suite offers unlimited bandwidth when sending files and provides automated and centralized user management across organizations, password protection and certified delivery with tracking. The certification includes automatic digital rights management features designed to prevent unauthorized downloads or interception.

YouSendIt lays claim to being the leading digital delivery company for businesses and individuals on the Web with over 5 million registered users in 220 countries. The company said its service transfers over 30,000 GB per day.

“Everything’s going digital. Video and other big files helps fuel our business, but users are attracted to the service because it’s easy to use and manage,” Ranjith Kumaran, founder and vice president of product management at YouSendIt, told “With traditional FTP transfers, you drop the file in a directory but you don’t know if someone picked it up. We let you know the status and we have plug-ins for Photoshop and other applications.”

Kumaran said a beta version of Corporate Suite has been out for six months and was used by over 7,000 companies. He said IT departments “who didn’t want the hassle of dealing with FTP transfers” were the biggest group of beta users, followed by department heads, and marketing departments.

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