zap Ships Corporate Portal Suite

In an effort to augment communications through corporate portals for both
enterprise corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses, zap business
communication systems Inc.
, Tuesday launched (ucone) its modular, Web-based
interactive news server and dynamic publishing solution.

(ucone) is targeted at companies developing proprietary enterprise
information portals and to the growing number of portal application vendors.

The (ucone) system enables two-way communications capabilities along with news and intelligence gathering and organization of corporate data (HR, IR, etc.). The (ucone) system also provides groupware capabilities, project
management, event management, repositories, calendaring and centralized
administration. All modules are available to be implemented as separate
solutions to enhance existing portal offerings and proprietary corporate
environments, or as an integrated communications system.

“The business communications environment is demanding a centralized site for the exchange and management of ideas, information and applications. Whether companies choose to install a workflow software system or a portal suite to
provide this functionality — the (ucone) offering is the most flexible and
advanced solution to make these portals a reality,” said Anke Zimmermann,
president, zap business communications.

The (ucone) solution has rapidly gained customer support in Europe after
successful installations at Bertelsmann and the University of Hamburg.
Bertelsmann, the third largest media company in the world with significant
interests in all areas of media, has deployed (ucone) in its Junior-Net
personnel development program to enable the exchange of information and
communication between individuals driving different projects in more than 600
profit centers across 40 different countries. The result has been a company culture defined by its ability to quickly respond and implement ideas.

“For an international and widely disbursed company like Bertelsmann,
Junior-Net is an adequate multimedia platform for innovative personnel
management,” said Gert Sturzebecher, vice president of management
development, Bertelsmann AG. “Junior-Net reflects our corporate culture and underlines our emphasized position of personnel management at Bertelsmann.”

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