Amazon vs. OpenStack: Who is Winning and Where?

While its true that Amazon and OpenStack in some respects are competitive, in others they aren’t, which is why at this point in 2016, both continue to thrive.

At this point the business value of the cloud is something that many organizations understand. What isn’t always clear though is which cloud provider to choose and going a level deeper whether or not a private or hybrid cloud approach is appropriate for a given organization.  In the public cloud market, Amazon is going toe-to-toe with Google and Microsoft, in what often feels like a race to the bottom in terms of price.

Operators are also adopting OpenStack for multiple reasons. Among OpenStack’s growing use cases is as a platform that enables Network Function Virtualization (NFV). Among the big carriers that have embraced OpenStack is AT&T, which spoke about its cloud direction at the recent Open Networking Summit (ONS) in March. AT&T is currently on track to virtualize 75 percent of its network by 2020, using OpenStack.

John Donovan, senior executive vice president at AT&T Technology and Operations was asked a question by the audience after his ONS keynote about whether AT&T considered using AWS instead of OpenStack. Donovan simply responded that AT&T is an operator, and that for operators that need to run their own operations, AWS isn’t an option.

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