Amdahl Implements Mondex Electronic Cash for Israel

The Amdahl SmartCard Group has enabled what it is billing as “the world’s most technically advanced Mondex electronic cash implementation” in Israel.

In a test of the system, Israeli citizens in Rehovet, south-west of Tel Aviv, are using the Mondex electronic purse to withdraw and deposit cash via their own personal ATM machines over normal telephone lines.

Acting as systems integrators, Amdahl brought together technology and
services from many different companies, including Nortel, Datelnet,
Intervoice, GIS and Ingenico, while also working closely with Mondex
International, the Mondex technology licensor.

At the heart of the Israeli installation is the Amdahl Mondex System, an
open, modular software application that runs on Windows NT and
handles the transaction requirements of the Mondex system. It is one of
the components of the Amdahl Smart Processing Solution, the vendor’s
solution for handling large-scale smart card deployments for banks,
retailers, and other organizations.

“Mondex technology offers the ideal base from which to develop advanced smart
card applications,” said Isaac Levy, Chief Executive Officer, Mondex Israel.

“Working with Amdahl we have been able to realise and adapt Mondex’ potential in accordance with our own unique business structure to deliver a solution which not just eases cash transactions but revolutionises the way consumers use monetary value and merchants conduct business. With its broad Mondex experience, its open technology and deep understanding of the banking and financial businesses, Amdahl has taken us from concept to implementation in
record time.”

Mondex Israel said that over time it will make Mondex available
throughout the country. The technical implementation of the current
scheme has taken around six months.

Mondex Israel is jointly owned by Discount Investment Corporation
(DIC), part of the IDB Holding Group, and Paz Oil Co. Mondex
International is a subsidiary of MasterCard International.

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