Bomb Explodes Outside PayPal HQ

Employees of eBay and subsidiary PayPal teams are expected back at work in part today and tomorrow after an unknown suspect exploded a bomb on eBay’s campus in San Jose at 7:30 PM last night.

Today, company president Bill Cobb said there were no injuries and
that the office building underwent minimal damages.

“We’re concerned, of course, about the cause of this incident, and needless to say, eBay is working closely with local and federal law enforcement agents in their investigation,” Cobb said in a statement posted on eBay’s Web site. He said the company was still operational.

The bomb exploded just outside a door PayPal and eBay employees use to
take their breaks, local press reports said.

The explosion damaged a window, but otherwise shattered only a sense of normalcy at one of the most successful Internet companies.

Ebay users reacted on the site’s discussion boards with a mixture of shock and cynicism.

“Perhaps their service will return to be efficient as once was
following this incident,” wrote one poster with the handle “sengleaboy.”

Others were more sympathetic.

“That is just plain wrong! I don’t care how pizzed someone is at Paypal, there is no justification for terrorist acts,” wrote salez4u in another discussion thread titled, “Someone Appears to Be Mad At Pay Pal.”

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