Canonical Partners with ASUS for Ubuntu Linux

For many desktop Linux users today, Linux is an operating system that they had to install themselves. Canonical, the lead sponsor behind Ubuntu Linux, is hoping to change that by way of a new partnership with hardware vendor ASUS.

As part of the Canonical ASUS deal, ASUS will preload Ubuntu Linux on its Eee PC series of notebooks. The ASUS 1001PXD, 1011PX and 1015PX models will be available with Ubuntu 10.10, with the plan to have more models available over the course of 2011. Canonical’s deal with ASUS is part of a larger effort from the Linux vendor to work more closely with hardware vendors.

“This is part of a new engagement and it’s great to be working with such an innovative player,” Chris Kenyon, vice president OEM Services at Canonical told “To put this in perspective we are now working directly with Asus, Lenovo, Dell and Acer on enabling systems.”

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ASUS Partners for Ubuntu Linux Hardware

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