Cap Gemini Forms Global Alliance With Microsoft

Cap Gemini Group
Friday formed a global alliance with
Microsoft to deliver
a range of e-commerce and other Windows 2000-based solutions
to businesses.

Cap Gemini says the alliance will help the group to
speed up the delivery of complex systems with relatively
low risk.

Pierre Hessler, one of Cap Gemini Group’s Executive Board,
said that the group had gained an insight into Microsoft’s
future enterprise strategy while working closely with the
software leader.

“We now have the opportunity to expand this strategic
partnership on a global basis,” said Hessler.

Hessler went on to say that he believes Windows 2000
would open up new market opportunities and create
new areas of business. Cap Gemini is convinced that
the “Store of the Future” will be based on Microsoft’s
ActiveStore architecture and the Microsoft enterprise
solutions platform.

Cap Gemini’s partnership with Microsoft will cover
not only Windows 2000 enterprise infrastructure
and the retail market but also knowledge management
and electronic commerce.

In knowledge management, Cap Gemini plans to focus on
developing a knowledge platform as a basis for enterprise-scale
information sharing, enhanced with its current InfoWeb offering.

In e-commerce, Cap Gemini plans a range of business-to-consumer
transaction systems, along the lines of its current
Infomediary-in-a-Box service. In fact, Infomediary-in-a-Box
will now be based on Microsoft’s enterprise solutions platform.

The support from one of Europe’s top IT services groups will
be very welcome in a tough week for Microsoft. Earlier
this week Microsoft’s shares slumped by $2 billion on news
that the EU was scrutinizing Windows 2000 for antitrust violations.

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