China Digital Group Launches Chinese Portal

U.S.-based China Digital Group has announced the official launch of its flagship portal in China, oWOW.

The firm describes oWOW, an acronym for “Online Window On the World”, as a global gateway providing information on international culture, entertainment, education, and lifestyle activities for the Chinese-speaking audience.

oWOW incorporates 10 advertising-supported channels on news, entertainment and celebrities, medicine and health, beauty and fitness, English-language and university education, and travel. An area of specific focus is the Hollywood entertainment sector, including stories on Western and Chinese celebrities who have achieved international fame.

China Digital Group chairman and CEO Ed Borray says that the site will soon be selling books, CDs, CD-ROMs, VCDs, and DVDs on all key oWOW subjects through the firm’s publishing and distribution joint venture in China with Liaoning Electronic Press.

To support the delivery and custom tailoring of oWOW’s international content in Chinese, China Digital Group has assembled an overseas Chinese team of experienced journalists, editors, and researchers.

Kimberly Holland, co-founder of oWOW and managing director of China Digital Group, says that the international cultural exchange concept originated from questions about Western culture posed by Chinese friends, associates, and colleagues.

“oWOW provides an online venue–a one-stop shop, so to speak–for answering all kinds of questions about American and European cultures,” said Holland.

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