Cisco Aims to Go Beyond Good Enough Networking

Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) is a supporter of networking standards. Standards alone however are not enough, according to Cisco.

Cisco is now taking aim at the ‘good enough’ mentality when it comes to networking. Executives from Cisco stressed that the modern demands of video and collaboration cannot be effectively met by the ‘good enough’ approach.

Cisco’s view is that when an enterprise is looking for a next generation networking vendor, they should look at what the vendor does from a standards basis, as well as what it’s doing to provide innovation on top of those standards

“Standards-based is fine, but standards-based plus is really what you’re looking for with large scale, highly-reliable enterprise network deployments,” Mike Rau, vice-president and CTO of Borderless Networks at said.

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Is Good Enough, Good Enough for Networking?

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