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From the ‘Operational Excellence‘ files:

Running the global IT organization for the world’s largest networking company is likely no easy task. It’s the role of Cisco CIO, Rebecca Jacoby and one that she handles without affecting her sleep.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Jacoby to get her insight into how she handles the role of CIO.

In my bag of standard interview questions for c-level execs, I tend to always ask the question – ‘What keeps you up at night?’  Jacoby’s answer to the question was one of the best that I’ve ever received.

Sure she’s got lots of responsibilities, but she understands what her role is within the organization and what IT’s role is in supporting the business. IT for Jacoby is all about delivering operational excellence. For her, that’s table stakes in the modern enterprise and I couldn’t agree more.

Click on the link below and check out our video interview with Cisco CIO, Rebecca Jacoby on the question of what keeps her up at night and why operational excellence is the key.

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