Cisco Unveils Blazing Fast CRS-3 Router

The “huge fast router” is about to get even faster. Networking giant Cisco has taken the wraps off of a major upgrade to its CRS-1 router, debuting the CRS-3, which promises a capacity of 322 terabits per second.

Enterprise Networking Planet has the details on Cisco’s launch of the CRS-3 router, and the field trials AT&T has already put the product through.

Cisco on Tuesday announced the successor to its CRS-1 core router with the new CRS-3 platform, which the company said offers a more than threefold increase in capacity.

The CRS-1 provides up to 92 terabits per second of capacity, while the new CRS-3 delivers 322 Tbps. In announcing the new core router, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) executives described the CRS-3 as the foundation for the next stage of Internet traffic growth.

“It’s about intelligence throughout the network that allows you to accomplish what sounds simple – any device to any content and doing that on a scale that hasn’t been done before,” Cisco CEO John Chambers said during a Webcast discussing the CRS-3.

Cisco has invested $1.6 billion in the development of the CRS family of routers. Chambers noted that it took five years to develop the first CRS-1, which debuted in 2004, and it took three years of development to build out the CRS-3.

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Cisco Evolves the Internet With CRS-3

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