Copernic 98 Search Agent Software Free On 66 Sites

Agents Technologies Corp. announced
the availability of Copernic 98, its second-generation search agent software.

Following the popularity of the earlier Copernic 1.0, the new version is
being made available for free download from 66 sites including the vendor’s

“Copernic 98 represents a giant leap in capabilities over our
first-generation search tool. We have set new standards in the way searches
will be conducted. These multithreaded Internet and intranet applications
will be the future reference in the development of search tools,” said
Martin Bouchard, president and founder of Agents Technologies.

Copernic 98 is a complete solution for gathering, reviewing, indexing,
cataloging, and managing information from the World Wide Web. It searches
33 search engines and directories at the same time, then compiles a file of
results that the user can save, manipulate, or e-mail.

With Copernic 98, searches are conducted in real time instead of using the
cached search databases that are often used at search aggregation sites.
The software provides a search summary that can be browsed offline. Based
on an open architecture using the vendor’s scripting technology, Copernic
98 supports eXtensible MarkUp Language (XML) specifications.

The vendor will include a free Channel Developer kit with the purchase of
the $29.95 professional product, Copernic 98plus (available soon). The pro
version will let users conduct searches of Internet content channels such
as sports, news, and finance.

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