Critics Still Hail iPhone 4 Despite Antenna Issues

The reviews are in! Apple’s new iPhone 4 is a hit — for many reviewers, at least. It’s also one of the most controversial Apple launches in ages, with the phone’s sleek new design and advanced enhancements potentially overshadowed by antenna reception woes.

Those antenna problems have gotten even more attention as of late, thanks to a blistering review by Consumer Reports that concluded it couldn’t recommend the iPhone 4 due to its reception issues, which it blamed on a design flaw.

Now, more reviews are flooding in, and not everyone agrees that the iPhone’s antenna is a problem, instead praising the device’s look, feel and feature set. (And even Consumer Reports writes highly of Apple’s usual top-notch aesthetic design and several of its features.)

Enterprise Mobile Today takes the pulse of the critical community.

Apple’s latest iPhone has received an enthusiastic reception from fanboys and critics alike. The headline to PC World’s iPhone 4 smartphone review is one example of the high-fives Apple earned: “Apple’s iPhone 4 Lives Up to All Expectations.”

But let’s talk about another kind of reception. Along with the accolades, Apple’s iPhone 4 has earned some raspberries. Turns out if you hold the iPhone 4 a certain way (aka the infamous ‘iPhone death grip’), reception dips significantly or drops altogether.

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Critics’ Choice Review: Despite ‘Consumer Reports’ Dis, iPhone 4 Still Best Smartphone?

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