CTIA Looks Ahead on 2010 Agenda Plans

The CTIA, which represents the wireless technology industry, recently held a meeting with reporters to briefly discuss the events of this year and look ahead to next year’s top priorities. With a new, technology-savvy administration in the White House, it might enjoy some progress, but nothing is a given. Enterprise Networking Planet was at the briefing and has the details.

WASHINGTON — The wireless industry has come under intense scrutiny from federal regulators this year, some of it welcome, much of it not.

As the industry and its principal trade association, CTIA, look ahead to next year, two looming issues stand at the top of the policy agenda, shining examples of the love-hate relationship the wireless sector has with the government.

Those would be efforts to make more spectrum available to for advanced wireless data networks, a move the industry says is needed to stave off a crisis in the making, and network neutrality, which it vigorously opposes.

At a meeting with reporters week, CTIA executives outlined their policy agenda heading into the new year, a long list of priorities beginning with the goal of prodding Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to free up 800 MHz of spectrum for wireless networks.

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CTIA Looks Ahead to Spectrum, Net Neutrality Fights

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