Davinci Employs Intranet at University Health Network

Davinci Technologies Inc. this week said it will lend its intranet system
to Toronto’s University Health System to provide its
8,000 staff members with network information right at their desktops.

The system spans across desktops throughout UHN’s three teaching hospitals
as well as Toronto Medical Laboratories, a joint venture between UHN and
MDS Laboratories.

Davinci claims the implementation of an intranet will deliver three major advantages to UNH. First, the authors can easily revise intranet
documents using Web-based technology. Second, only the most current
versions of these documents are accessible to users,
eliminating inaccuracies or redundant information and improving employee
productivity. Third, the costs and risks associated with
manual, paper-based processes are reduced.

“The corporate intranet represents a major step forward for University
Health Network’s information management strategy,” said
Matthew Anderson, chief information officer of the University Health
Network. “It is a strategic internal communications tool that
allows our employees to quickly and conveniently access information they
need on a daily basis.”

Davinci Technologies is a leading provider of Internet and intranet
products and wireless applications, enabling strategic enterprise-level

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