Dell Fills Out Precision Notebook Line

Dell today announced the latest member of its Precision line of high performance notebooks, the M2300, which fills out the low end of the line in terms of size, but not necessarily capability.

The Precision line consists of Core 2 Duo laptops with 2GB or more of memory and a Quadro graphics chip from Nvidia, putting them in a higher performance class than the more mainstream Latitude and Inspiron.

“This platform is the completion of our Precision notebook line refresh,” Chris Spencer, launch product manager for Dell Precision workstations, told “It’s intended for engineers and developers who need a mobile platform to take it on the road and back home.”

The main difference between the lines is screen size, and hence, weight and price. The M2300 features a 14.1-inch screen and a starting price of $1,599, with 4GB of RAM and the T7800 mobile dual core processor. The M4300 has a 15.4 inch screen and the M6300 sports a 17 inch screen.

The other differences are that the M2300 has 128MB of video memory vs. 256MB in the M4300 and M6300, and the M2300 has just PCMCIA expansion, while its big brothers have PCMCIA and ExpressCard expansion slots. It will come with Draft 802.11n

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