EBay Launches Certified Provider Program

SAN FRANCISCO — EBay recognizes that dealing with Web services and APIs aren’t
necessarily top skills for power sellers, so it launched a certification program to connect sellers
with service providers.

The eBay Certified Provider Program kicked off Tuesday with 17 members providing such services
marketing, design, system integration and software development.

“Some sellers lack the internal resources or expertise to effectively integrate with the eBay platform,”
Randy Ching, vice president of the eBay Platform Solutions Group, said in a statement.

Certified providers fall into two categories: solutions and services. TO be eligible for either, companies
go through a process that includes tests and sifting through customer references. EBay provides online resources,
logos and marketing tools similar to what other companies offer certified partners.

The online marketplace highlighted six new applications
created for the eBay and PayPal platforms. They include MyStoreCredit, which lets sellers operate loyalty programs;
Resaleworld, an application for eBay consignment services; PayLoadz, a tool to automate the sale and
delivery of digital content; and Xoom, a service to send money from PayPal to offline recipients in eight countries.

During this week’s Web 2.0 industry trade show, eBay also launched a trade-in program for value-added resellers. An automated trading system will let them
easily put their customers’ old laptops and desktop computers up for sale.

The VAR trade-in program is an eBay-sanctioned version of one operated by eBay Certified Provider
Dealtree, a provider of auction management software. VARs can put a link on their sites to the
Dealtree backend, maintaining their own branding while allowing their customers to offer up their old
goods to eBay shoppers.

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