Endeca Aims to Simplify Access to BI Value

Business intelligence software can be extremely valuable to enterprises that need to effectively, and quickly tap growing repositories of data on customers, suppliers, competitors and their own companies.

But it often takes a high level of expertise to make effective use of the latest BI offerings. As eCRM Guide reports, enterprise search vendor Endeca Technologies made ease of use a priority in its latest offering. Endeca Latitude combines business analytics and search in one package.

Enterprise search provider Endeca Technologies says its latest release makes typically complex business intelligence (BI) applications more accessible.

Endeca Latitude gives IT a centralized platform for deploying BI applications across a wide range of diverse and changing data sets. The company said Latitude gives end users more direct access to up-to-date information from data warehouses and others repositories than other solutions that require more engagement with IT.

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Endeca Combines Search and Business Intelligence in Hybrid Enterprise App

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