Enterprise Firm Develops Query Solution for Japanese Bank

Enterprise solution provider Information Builders Thursday
launched a Web-enabled reporting and querying solution for the Fukuoka City
Bank in Japan.

The new application allows customer service representatives to access
complete customer profiles in three seconds, as opposed to the three months
required previously.

With the high-speed solution, the third largest regional bank in the Kyushu
area of Southern Japan with assets of $26 billion, can embark on an
aggressive expansion program. Prior to Thursday’s roll-out, the bank’s sales
and customer service representatives had no easy way of accessing assorted
data about each customer’s savings and checking transactions and other
fiscal properties.

This was because the information was stored in separate, unconnected IMS and
DB2 databases. When reps needed to pull complete customer profiles, they had
to send a request to the IT department to create the report.

Fukuoka City Bank invested $10 million in hardware and software to make the
improvements, tapping Information Builders to add reporting and querying
functionality into its company-wide intranet and to permit customers to
access their own information online.

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