ETC to Help Federal Transport Move Online

SYDNEY — Electronic Trading Concepts (ETC), a subsidiary of e-commerce security
provider SecureNet, will assist the Commonwealth Department and Regional
Services implement its online services initiative after winning a contract
with the agency.

ETC will work alongside the department as it introduces its plan to provide
a range of its administrative, information services, database functions,
electronic transaction facilities and inter-departmental links.

The Department of Transport and Regional Services is involved in achieving
the Federal Government’s policy, regulatory and service delivery goals in
transport and regional services. The services it intends to deliver
electronically are being implemented to meet the Federal Government’s policy
statement that all appropriate government services would be delivered online
by 2001.

Under the contract, ETC will provide both on-site and on-demand specialist
support to supplement the department’s internal resources being devoted to
the project. ETC’s services will include scoping, defining and planning
projects, advising on strategy, developing systems and project management

The project will not be ETC’s first foray with government partners, as the
consultancy as been involved in online service delivery for federal, state
and local government agencies since 1992, according to ETC spokesperson
Robin Wall. This has included whole-of-state electronic services delivery
strategies for local governments in NSW, Victoria, Queensland and Western

While it may be old hands at such projects, Wall said the company was
“excited to be involved in a project which would fundamentally change the
way the department conducts its business.”

As well as its government work, ETC has won projects with the now-defunct
Westfield Internet Shoppingtown and the Macquarie Bank/f2 financial portal
Trading Room. It has also developed an online financial services strategy
for the Australian Credit Union Movement.

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