E*TRADE Canada Cements Alliance with Carlson Online

has entered into a strategic relationship with Canadian finance service Carlson Online to enhance the company’s market presence by promoting its service to Carlson Online’s audience.

E*Trade Canada hopes to attract new customers through increased brand exposure
and by Carlson’s offering of 6 months’ free Carlson Online Plus service to new E*Trade Canada customers.

Carlson Online Plus includes long-term histories of publicly-traded
Canadian companies, 24 years of financial statements, quarterly data,
ratios, insider trading data and short position reports. Information is provided on more than 4,200 Canadian and U.S. public companies.

“This is a great opportunity for Carlson Online customers to access other
essential investing information online,” said David Carlson, president of Carlson Online. “Both E*Trade Canada and Carlson
Online focus on demystifying the investing process by providing useful
financial information.”

E*Trade Canada offers independent investors automated stock, option and Canadian mutual fund trading at low commission rates. It also has a suite of personalized investing tools,
including portfolio tracking, charting, real-time stock quotes, market
commentary and analysis, and finance news.

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