European Project Will Deploy 8 Million Kilometres of Fibre

Optical fibre supplier
Corning announced
Wednesday that it will be supplying at least 80 per cent
of the eight million kilometres of NZ-DSF fibre required
by the Interoute optical network in Europe.

Corning will supply its LEAF fibre, an advanced type of
non-zero dispersion-shifted optical fibre (NZ-DSF) to
i-21 Future Communication, a subsidiary of Interoute
Telecommunications. It will span a route of 20,900 kilometres,
linking 70 European cities and 200 points of presence.

“We are building Europe’s largest fibre-optic network,
and as a result we required the most advanced fibre technology
available today to accommodate our tremendous bandwidth
requirements,” said Ohad Finkelstein, chairman and chief
executive officer for Interoute.

Interoute intends its network to be operational by May
2000 — and 90 per cent complete by the end of that
year. Its architecture will consist of in-country rings,
linked together as a seamless network.

The bandwidth of the i-21 network will be in excess of
one petabit — which is not a word often heard in today’s
IP industry. One petabit equals 1000 terabits of traffic
per second.

More information about Corning’s optical fibre products
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