French Study: Seven Traits for Net Success

French business school INSEAD Friday announced the results of a survey sponsored by British Telecom’s Global Information Exchange which polled 35 leading Internet companies on factors which respondents felt contributed to online success.

Respondents, which included industry giants such as Dell Computer Corp., Cisco Systems Inc. and Inktomi Corp., tipped their hats to the potential of intranets, naming network services one of the seven qualities of success.

The companies said that intranets facilitate information between individuals in an organization and foster experimentation, bringing a together wider resources to contribute to new products and services.

Other top qualities included clear leadership, strategy which adopts quickly to change, real-time reaction rates to strategic changes. Companies also have to accept failure as part of the requisite willingness to experiment.

The survey also found that a customer-driven focus, particularly customer feedback, is another critical aspect of online strategy.

The group also described the best staff as persons who are “optimistic and like to have fun while working hard.”

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