Fujitsu Releases Humanoid Robot

Fujitsu Automation Ltd. and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. are trying to push forward research and development of robotic technologies
with Monday’s release of a new miniature humanoid robot running on RT-Linux.

The robot, HOAP-1 (Humanoid for Open Architecture Platform) — together with simulation software built on RT-Linux — can be used
for developing motion control algorithms in areas like two-legged walking, and can also be used in research on human-to-robot
interfaces, Fujitsu said. The company is also releasing the internal interface architecture of the robot in order to allow users to
freely develop their own programs.

The simulation software — run from an operating command PC included with the robot — allows virtual trial-runs of control programs
before they are implemented.

“The wide range of use and safe and efficient program development environment make HOAP-1 an ideal tool for research and development
work in robotics,” Fujitsu said.

The operating command PC communicates with the robot, which weighs 6kg and stands 48cm tall, through a USB interface. Fujitsu said
HOAP-1’s internal sensors and actuators also utilize a USB interface, and can be expanded according to needs.

Fujitsu automation said it will began Domestic sales in Japan Monday, and hopes to sell 100 units within three years. The company
plans to release more details at the Robotics Society of Japan meeting at Tokyo University on Sept. 18.

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