Raises $70 Million in Europe

Freeserve partner
announced Thursday that it has raised around $70 million from European investors and through a public listing in the UK.

Trading of the new shares started Thursday on the London Stock Exchange and on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) under the symbol GLFA.

“Due to our ever expanding business activities as an early mover
within the European Internet landscape, we are receiving a
tremendous amount of exposure and interest throughout Europe
and especially London,” said Stanley Hollander, president and
CEO of GlobalNetFinancial. “An AIM listing will facilitate sponsorship
and interest in our common stock outside of the United States.”

The offering to the European financial
institutions was the equivalent of more than 3 million shares of its common stock. The shares offered in the UK comprised a new class, convertible to its common stock in a 10:1 ratio.

Trading on AIM began with the shares standing
at around $50.

The company said the share offering was oversubscribed. Proceeds
of the financing will be used for the extension of’s money and finance portals as well as for joint ventures. recently launched UK insurance venture In
October this year it introduced its first revenue generating trading
platform, MatchbookFX, which offers foreign exchange trading facilities to investors. plans to use its finance sites to create an global network of online brokerages for US stocks, UK stocks,
Canadian stocks and trades on other foreign exchanges.

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