Hints for Evaluating Open Source in the Enterprise

Open source may be winning plenty of converts. But even one major backer of open source readily admits that IT decision-makers shouldn’t get complacent. That’s because even though open source has plenty of advantages for the enterprise, it still needs to be put through the wringer to see it if meets the same criteria you’d apply to any piece of software entering your company.

This means examining any open source software or vendor under consideration to make sure it not only fully addresses your needs, but that it’s community and documentation are up to snuff. And that’s just the start.

So said IBM’s Bob Sutor during last week’s Open Source Business Conference. CIO Update takes a closer look at his suggestions for evaluating open source vendors.

IBM executive Bob Sutor had a message for attendees at the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) in San Francisco last week: “Ask the hard questions.”

Sutor, despite himself being an open source software enthusiast (his full title is vice president of Open Source and Linux in IBM’s Software group) said, compared to traditional software vendors, too many companies give open source a pass when it comes to due diligence and scrutiny. And while he said open source has matured quite a bit to where it’s now a proven enterprise asset, that doesn’t mean it should get a rubber-stamp approval.

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Working with Open Source Software Vendors

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