HP Advances Data Center Analytics

With the explosion of data in data centers, it has become increasingly difficult to manage and understand all of the information that is available to a modern enterprise.

That’s where an updated set of products and services from HP is aiming to help, providing enterprise data centers with the analytics and insight necessary to benefit from their data.

Paul Muller, IT Management Evangelist at HP Software told InternetNews.com that the new Autonomy IDOL 10 server release is one part of the puzzle of understanding the mountain of data.

“With IDOL 10 combined with our Vertica analytics capabilities, we believe organizations will be able to understand 100 percent of not just their structured information, but their unstructured data as well,” Muller said.

Both Vertica and Autonomy were recently acquired by HP. The Vertica acquisition came in February followed by Autonomy in August.

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