HP Hits The Moon With NASA

As business wins go, this is big, as in billions. HP has won a seven-year contract with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), worth up to $5.6 billion. Under terms of the deal, HP will
provide computers and peripherals, including desktops,
workstations and blade PCs with Linux and Unix capabilities, servers and

The contract falls under NASA’s SEWP (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide
Procurement) IV, extending a long-held relationship between HP and the space agency. HP said it has already delivered more
than $620 million worth of products and services to federal government
agencies from 1992-2007 through the previous NASA SEWP II and SEWP III

“As the federal government looks to maximize investments, reduce costs
and increase efficiencies, it needs a technology partner that delivers
products and complete solutions that operate seamlessly in complex IT
environments,” said Jack Novia, managing director and senior vice president
of HP’s technology solutions group in the Americas, in a statement. “With
this NASA SEWP IV contract, HP is pleased to extend our partnership with
federal government agencies and help them accomplish their mission goals.

The entire federal government and its authorized prime contractors can
purchase HP technology through SEWP IV. In addition, HP said the U.S.
Department of Veterans Affairs has made NASA SEWP IV its mandatory contract
for the acquisition of technology.

“That’s a nice piece of change for HP,” Charles King, analyst with
Pund-IT, told internetnews.com. “The fact that NASA has been working
with HP on this kind of arrangement since 1992 sounds like they are getting along
just fine. It would have been bigger news if NASA decided to blow off HP in
favor of Sun or IBM.”

NASA does buy from other major IT
in addition to HP.

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