Infonet and Korea Telecom In Network Pact

Taping into the growing Asian Internet market,
global network services provider
Infonet Services Corp. today announced
an agreement with
Korea Telecom.

The agreement calls for Korea Telecom to market and support El Segundo,
CA-based Infonet’s World
Network to multi-national enterprises located in Korea. The World Network
application features global connectivity services tailored to address the
data communications
requirements of multi-national enterprises, accessible in
more than 180 countries.

Korea Telecom said it will provide local, in-country support to
multi-national organizations whose offices are connected to Infonet’s World
Network. It will also assist regional businesses to access Infonet
services needed to reach or maintain a
competitive advantage.

“The needs of multi-national corporations, both headquartered and providing
offices within Korea, are becoming more comprehensive,” stated Kang,
Byung-Tae, Executive Vice President of Korea Telecom. “The only possible
solution for us was to find a strong and appropriate partner–one that can
meet the needs of companies operating in our region.”

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