Intel, FTC Strike Deal Over Anticompetition Suit

Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker, is poised to wrap up another legal challenge to its market practices — this time, reaching a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over practices through which the agency has claimed Intel had blocked out rivals like AMD and Nvidia and hurt consumers.

As a result of the proposed deal, Intel will agree to avoid certain marketing practices. At the same time, the agreement will esure that some of its technology practices (such as details of how its compilers work with non-Intel CPUs) are transparent or, as in the case of PCI Express, remain available for use by GPU makers. Hardware Central has the story.

Federal antitrust authorities Wednesday morning unveiled details of a settlement in a major antitrust case with chipmaker Intel Corp. that alleged a longstanding abuse of the company’s dominant market share to undercut rivals such as AMD and Nvidia.

The Federal Trade Commission brought the lawsuit last December, taking aim at Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) for a litany of anticompetitive practices that it alleged had limited choice for consumers and unfairly favored Intel’s products over potentially superior offerings from other firms.

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Intel Settles Antitrust Complaint With FTC

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