Intel Shows Off ‘Sandy Bridge’ Processors

Intel ushered in this week’s Intel Developer Forum with a tantalizing display of the capabilities it expects to unleash with its new Sandy Bridge processor technology.

With a design that merges integrated graphics onto the CPU, Sandy Bridge is poised to begin appearing in desktops and notebooks by early next year. And if Intel executives — who detailed the new Core processor family and its new features — are accurate, the upcoming technology could spearhead dramatic changes in the expectations users and admins have for their systems. Hardware Central has the story.

SAN FRANCISCO — Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) kicked off its Intel Developer Forum with several demonstrations of its next generation “Sandy Bridge” chips that will help power a new generation of the company’s processor family with integrated graphics built-in.

Officially dubbed 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors, Sandy Bridge chips are expected to start appearing in new PCs and notebook computers by early 2011.

Read the full story at Hardware Central:

Intel Builds Sandy Bridge to Visual Computing

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