Intel Westmere EX Benefits from Itanium

Intel this week debuted its next generation Westmere-EX server chips which is beign embraced by a long list of server vendors including HP, IBM, Dell and Cisco.

HP is unique among its peers in that it also supports Intel’s Itanium processors as well.

“With the Intel Xeon E7 (aka “Westmere EX’) announcement, Intel is adding new reliability features to Xeon that originated in the Itanium processor,” Mike McNerney, Director, Server Planning and Marketing at HP Business Critical Systems told “The Itanium reliability capabilities have been built into Integrity systems for several generations magnifying its impact significantly.”

Although the Westemere-EX is gaining new reliability features, McNerney noted it’s still not the same as what HP delivers with Itanium on HP Integrity servers.

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HP Backs Intel Westmere EX and Itanium

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