iPad Rivals Playing Catch-Up: Gartner

Apple has attracted widespread interest with its new iPad tablet. The sales figures — 2 million units sold in two months — make that plain enough.

But it’s not just consumers who are looking longingly at the sleek new device. A host of other vendors exhibiting at the big Computex show in Taiwan trotted out their visions of a tablet computer. The only problem, according to a Gartner analyst who had a chance to review them, is that they’re so far behind Apple in the software interface that not a one looks to pose a serious competitive threat to the iPad for the next year or two. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

There was a parade of tablet prototypes and demos at the recent Computex show in Taiwan, a conference attended by every major and minor OEM and original design manufacturer (ODM) in Asia.

And “not a one” impressed Gartner analyst Christian Heidarson. He thinks Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) has at least a two-year lead on the competition when it comes to tablets.

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Would-Be iPad Rivals Well Behind the Curve: Gartner

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