Isocor To Provide Components For Malaysian CA

Partnering with Fujitsu and iD2 Technologies, Isocor (NASDAQ:ICOR), a U.S.-based Internet messaging and directory developer, will provide components for Malaysia’s proposed e-commerce infrastructure.

The e-commerce environment will be delivered by the first Malaysian Certification Authority, Digicert SDN BHD.

The CA will use a security module from iD2 Technology, an Ericsson associated company, that employs the Isocor Global Directory Server (GDS) to store the security keys that users need to encrypt and digitally sign documents.

Fujitsu Computer Systems Malaysia (FCSM), in association with Isocor local partner, UTMI, is providing hardware and integration expertise for the e-commerce service.

“In line with an ongoing strategy of keeping Malaysia in a leadership position in the use of information technology and communications, Digicert has been instructed to provide the basis for a Trusted and Secured electronic transaction environment,” stated Noor Azli Othman, COO, Digicert Sdn Bhd.

The new service will be recognized under Malaysian law, as stipulated under the Digital Signature Act (DSA 1997), and is being heralded by Malaysian authorities as evidence of the country’s determination to be a regional e-commerce leader.

“The solution provided by Isocor in association with its partners will speed up the evolution of Malaysia in the direction of a fully-developed, mature and knowledge rich society playing a leadership role in the information age,” notes Paul Gigg, president and CEO, Isocor.

“With values such as privacy, authentication and non-repudiation in place, the Malaysian economy can use electronic media with the same confidence as traditional paper-based transactions, but far more swiftly and efficiently,” added Gigg.

“The security components provided by iD2 Technologies enable organizations to easily produce, administer and distribute very high volumes of digital certificates,” adds Bjorn Gustavsson, president of iD2 Technologies.

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