Italy Gets a New Portal

[May 4] Italy woke up to a new portal on Thursday named, which
comes complete with free Internet access, free email,
SMS messaging, and news updates. has been launched by
Societe Européenne de Communication
a pan-European provider of telecommunications and related services. It
will offer the services initially to its fixed line telephony subscribers
on Tele2.

The content creators of are NetCom AB and Modern Times
Group MTG AB who are also making it available in local languages for
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, the Netherlands, Austria and France. now reaches SEC customers in the Netherlands, Austria and
France in local languages.

Anders Bjorkman, SEC’s president and chief executive officer, said
SEC was building on MTG and NetCom’s experience in the Nordic countries
where the portal was already very popular as a family Web destination.

“By providing access to to our Tele2 subscribers, we are
strengthening our customer relationships and creating potential new
revenue streams in the form of online advertising, e-commerce and a
share of local ISP network charges. We intend to launch the
services in other European countries in the near future,” said Bjorkman.

Based in Luxembourg, SEC Group has its shares listed on the Luxembourg Stock
Exchange as well as in Frankfurt, Stockholm and on the Nasdaq.
It provides telephony services in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland,
Austria, France, Italy and Luxembourg, and mobile services in Luxembourg
and Liechtenstein.

Among SEC’s other interests are a 37 per cent stake in call center
company Transcom World Wide, and ownership of billing and transaction
processing service Transac.

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