Juniper’s Programmable Network

The JavaOne 2011 conference took place this week in San Francisco, providing Java developers with new tools, resources and development information. While the world of networking and the world of Java development may seem somewhat removed from each other, that’s not necessarily the case.

Among the many vendors that were at JavaOne was Juniper Networks, bringing with it a message for Java developers about programmable networks.

“We want to offer education about what developers can do with the power of the network,” Mike Harding, vice president and general manager of Juniper’s developer programs, told “We also want to demonstrate network aware and programmable network examples.”

Junos is Juniper’s embedded network operating system and it is complemented by a number of other Juniper efforts including, Junos Pulse for mobility and Junos Space and for developers. Harding said that Junos Space is a middleware platform that is network-aware. According to Harding, there are now over 400 development organizations that work with the Junos Space SDK to extend their networks.

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