KKF.net AG Grabs Intranet Service Bundle

Competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) KKF.net AG Tuesday selected NETOPIA Inc.’s (NTPA)
R7200 SDSL router for its new “Speedconnect” business-class symmetric
digital subscriber line service.

KKF.net is the first German CLEC to offer SDSL and will launch the new
service in Germany by the end of the month.

The leading DSL Net equipment and platform supplier’s router is a
business-class SDSL router, interoperable with the Nokia (NOK)
ATM/DSL D50 Speedlink DSLAM which KKF.net deploys in more then 20 of its central

Because it is based on Netopia’s R-series router architecture, the R7200 is
distinguished in the DSL marketplace by its
feature set which includes built-in security, ISDN and Analog dial
backup and multiple management,
routing and diagnostic tools. This feature set delivers unique levels of
value and promises greater reliability to the small
business end user, according to Netopia.

SDSL technology enables inexpensive, high-speed digital transmission over
regular copper phone lines. Because it provides a fully symmetric and
constant connection, SDSL is primarily used for business applications
that require high bandwidth
in both directions, such as file transfer and access to a corporate intranet.

“We are extremely pleased to become a partner of Netopia, as their R7200
SDSL router offers a
combination of features that are highly valued by businesses, including
ease-of-management, unique
expandability and business-class routing,” said Marc Keilwerth, general
manager at KKF.net.

Speedconnect, KKF.net’s new SDSL service for German businesses, offers high
speed Internet access for
a fixed or flat-rate fee that includes a telephone line, connectivity and a
Netopia R7200 router.

Netopia Inc. develops, markets and supports Internet and electronic
commerce infrastructure for small
and medium-size businesses all over the world.

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