Krone Provides Cable Solutions For Asian SOHO Business

Singapore-based Krone Far East Pte. Ltd., a subsidiary of the German pioneer of telephone and data network technology, Krone AG, has introduced a new cabling management system for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and domestic cabling market.

According to Krone representatives, the system, called Broadway, is designed to allow home owners and small businesses to save time and costs when introducing new hardware.

The system is a multi-functional solution featuring a star-wiring configuration of Category 5 twisted pair and RG6 Quad Shield coaxial cabling for the distribution of broadband and narrowband services.

“As the world continues to embrace the Internet, subscription TV and other emerging technologies, we recognized a growing need for managing such technology in the home,” said John Heugle, president of Krone Far East.

“Carriers, such as Singtel and SCV only take responsibility to their connection point in the house,” he continued. “Elsewhere, inside the home, distribution of these and other services is usually a do-it-yourself job, using a multitude of cords and cables.”

With Broadway, several other domestic functions can be plugged-in, including security, video phones and intercoms, which can be distributed within the home without the need for extensive cabling for each separate function.

“This revolutionary solution is highly suitable for a developed country like Singapore, which is renowned for its early adoption of new technology,” said Heugle.

“With next generation media systems coming in fast, Broadway helps eliminate the hassles associated with wiring up for these new systems. All that is needed is some basic configuration,” he added.

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