Lenovo Launches Centrino Pro Ultraportables

Lenovo has updated its line of ultraportable X Series ThinkPad notebooks with the latest and greatest in technology from Intel plus improved security, battery power and wireless networking.

The ThinkPad X61, X61s, X61 Tablet PC are the successors to the X60 line and feature Intel’s  Centrino Pro chipset, a.k.a. “Santa Rosa.” Centrino Pro adds vPro technologies to the Centrino mobile platform, allowing for easier management of the computer.

Centrino Pro also features new power management features, such as BatteryStretch, which allows users to shut off functions and components they don’t need to minimize power draw. All told, the X61 line can run up to 12 hours on batteries, depending on use, according to Mika Majapuro, worldwide product marketing manager at Lenovo (formerly IBM’s PC division).

Lenovo Centrino

One in an ultraportable line.

Source: Lenovo

Through improvements in the 802.11n networking and Lenovo’s improved wireless design, called Ultra Connect II, the notebooks have increased throughput by up to 30 percent.

The X61 line features new security measures, like a 32-byte hard drive password connected to the fingerprint reader for pre-boot authentication. Also, administrators can lock down any part of the computer, such as the CD writer or the Bluetooth, Firewire and USB interfaces.

The ThinkPad X61 Tablet is a new tablet PC designed to overcome some of the more common problems on tablet and eBook hardware. Lenovo’s SuperView direct bonding technology is better at dealing with reflections and light pollution, making it usable even in direct sunlight.

It uses the handwriting recognition in Vista so even a fingertip can act like a pen. Plus, it has better power management, since tablet PCs have traditionally not been as power-sensitive as standard laptops.

Majapuro said the X61 Tablet can also reach the 12 hours of battery life, just like the standard laptop. “With Intel Turbo Memory, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. That’s especially true for tablets. You get normal notebook performance and tablet features,” he told internetnews.com.

The ThinkPad X61, X61s and X61 Tablet PC are available now and start at approximately, $1,484, $1,474 and $1,779 respectively.

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