Linux Pros in Demand

Career website is out with its annual Linux Jobs market report and once again demand is growing. The report is sponsored by the Linux Foundation, which does of course have its own particular bias when it comes to Linux, though there are still a few surprises in it.

“Based on our work with the community and our members, we know that knowing Linux helps people move into positions with amazing opportunities to work on really cool projects,” Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer programs, told Datamation. “But when we see a stat like 86 percent of Linux pro’s saying that knowing Linux has advanced their careers, we know that it’s not just anecdotal and [we] are inspired to be able to support a community of professionals who really care about what they do.”

McPherson noted that more than half of Linux pros surveyed said they chose a career in Linux because of their passion for the technology. Overall though, she noted that the Linux Foundation isn’t too surprised to see demand for Linux talent continue to be high, even for three years running now.

Read the full story at Datamation:
Demand for Linux Professionals is Growing

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