Microsoft Expands Medical Software Business

Microsoft is usually thought of as the Windows and Office software company, but it has many vertical businesses as well that don’t get as much spotlight, but none the less quite a bit of effort from the software giant. Medical support software is one of them. The company has acquired several firms in that space and works with some of the largest health care firms in the world. Today it added another tool to its medical software toolbox.

Microsoft said Wednesday it will buy private health-care software firm Sentillion and integrate it with its Amalga line of health management software.

The move is intended to enable health-care professionals to improve patient care by providing higher levels of integration among hospital and other care systems.

“Combining Sentillion’s products with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Amalga Unified Intelligence System (UIS) will make it easier for healthcare professionals to deliver better patient care by streamlining access to multiple IT applications and patient data,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

However, Microsoft did say that it will continue to sell and support Sentillion’s products to both new and existing customers.

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