Microsoft Forced to Yank Some Copies of Word

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Despite assurances last week that it would be ready on time, Microsoft missed Monday’s deadline for replacing copies of Office and Word that contain a feature that a federal appeals court ruled last month infringes tiny i4i’s patent.

Instead, the software giant ended up pulling offending versions of the products when the injunction kicked in.

The patent in question involves i4i’s “custom XML” (eXtended Markup Language) editing technology, which the court ruled Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) illegally copied.

i4i sued Microsoft in 2007, claiming that the larger firm had talked with the small Canadian firm and then went ahead and created its own competitor which it included in various versions of Word and Office. Microsoft lost the case last spring and, in August, the lower court judge awarded i4i penalties and interest of around $290 million, along with an injunction to stop using the technology.

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Microsoft Pulls Copies of Word Following Injunction

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