Microsoft Shifts Net Neutrality Position in FCC Filing

One would think Microsoft has a vested interest in seeing net neutrality become the law of the land. Or at least the policy. It has a number of online projects in the works and relies on people having an unfettered connection to the net, rather than having to keep paying for more time and bandwidth.

But nothing is ever that simple, and neither is Microsoft. The company has filed its position on net neutrality with the FCC and its position has changed somewhat. How? Enterprise Networking Planet has the details.

As the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wrapped up its comment period for interested parties to reply to its proposed open Internet rule-making proceedings this week, Microsoft weighed in with its own perspective on net neutrality.

Although the software giant has a vested interest in ensuring that its numerous Web applications and services are delivered to consumers without interference from an ISP, it warned against “the adoption of unnecessary or insufficiently tailored regulations, such as a prohibition on all types of discrimination.”

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Microsoft Tilts From Net Neutrality in FCC Filing

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